Intermodal / Rail

Intermodal / Rail

Keep Your Supply Chain On Track


Advantages of Intermodal:


  • Intermodal is incredibly eco-friendly. Trains move one ton of freight 450 miles on a single gallon of fuel.

Secure Transportation:

  • Properly secured intermodal freight has a very low rate of damage.

Rate Stability:

  • Project and long-term pricing can provide cost stability for our customers.

Cost Savings:

  • Intermodal can offer significant cost savings compared to over-the-road transportation, especially for long-haul lanes.


Intermodal is able to ramp up or ramp down capacity to match your shipping needs.
  • Intermodal terminals are located in major markets and port cities
  • Intermodal carriers will dray up to a couple hundred miles to reach the shipper or consignee – lanes that require extensive drayage will typically be more expensive and harder to cover
  • Any lane over 500 miles in length could be a good candidate for intermodal

We offer refrigerated intermodal for select lanes and commodities


Common Misperceptions About Intermodal:

"Intermodal transit is too long"

  • Intermodal transit is typically 1 to 2 days longer than over-the-road transit. Some carriers have expedited options for select lanes that can match the transit for over-the-road.

"Intermodal is only good for long-haul moves"

  • Any lane over 500 miles in length is a good candidate for an intermodal lane.

"Intermodal damages freight"

  • Properly secured intermodal freight has a very low rate of damage.

"We don't want to block & brace our freight"

  • We can provide loading diagrams that can help show the shipper how to properly secure the freight.
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